MIPS 25th Anniversary Profile: Blue Wave Semiconductors–UV and IR detector fabrication, semiconductor heating element coatings

Project Manager:  RD Vispute;  Principal InvestigatorIchiro Takeuchi, UMD
Location:  Baltimore, Maryland – Baltimore County;  Project Start Date:  2/1/2002, 1/2/2001

Business Description
Blue Wave Semiconductors is becoming a global leader in developing innovative thin film and nanomaterials fabrication tools for the R&D market worldwide. To eliminate the inefficiencies in research and development of microelectronic thin film technologies, Blue Wave Semiconductors identified opportunities in semiconductor materials and fabrication technologies. The company’s mission is to become the unique supplier of integrated and simplified nanomaterials deposition tools for every research laboratory in the world.

The company’s core competencies surround the advanced semiconductor materials, processing, thin film device technologies, and processing tools markets.

They include wafer heater products, thin film and coating services, and chemical and physical vapor deposition products.

Blue Wave sought to develop new thin film and oxide coatings for the company’s line of semiconductors.

The university team developed highly sensitive UV detectors for chemical and biological sensing, missile plume detection and monitoring radiation dose during sunbathing. The team also developed high-temperature ceramic coatings to extend the life of heaters used in semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Blue Wave added 15 new jobs and over $2.5M of revenue and grants as a direct result of the MIPS project funding.

Blue Wave Semiconductors completed five SBIR Phase I awards, three SBIR Phase II awards, and a Maryland Proof of Concept Award. The company is currently located in the UMBC Technology Center in Baltimore. Blue Wave Semiconductors was a finalist for the Maryland Incubator Company of the Year in 2005.

Blue Wave’s products are sold to U.S. research institutions. The company is planning commercialization and full-scale manufacturing for its products.

Blue Wave has developed its own technology and has several U.S. patents.

MIPS-Related Quote
“MIPS support was the foundation for this company.”
–Dr. R.D. Vispute, CEO & CTO,  Blue Wave Semiconductor

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