MIPS 25th Anniversary Profile: Blackrock Algae–biofouling screen systems for improving water quality in the Chesapeake Bay

Project Manager:  Matthew J. Diedzic, Jr.  “Jay”;  Principal InvestigatorPatrick Kangas, UMD
Location:  Perry Hall, Maryland – Baltimore County;  Project Start Date:  2/1/2011

Business Description
Blackrock Algae is a visionary and results-oriented organization dedicated to leveraging strategic alliances and capital resources for algae research and algae project realization.

Blackrock Algae sought testing for its new biofouling screens, which remove nutrients and sediments from the water column in an aquatic ecosystem.

MIPS/DNR-Funded tests were conducted at Constellation Energy’s Crane Power Plant and are also underway at Constellation Energy’s Baltimore Inner Harbor headquarters.

While the MIPS project is still underway, the technology has clearly demonstrated its effectiveness in removing harmful nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) from open waterways.

Interesting Fact
The Chesapeake Algae Project (ChAP), which was initiated by and is currently managed by parent company Blackrock Energy, is a partnership of higher-education institutions and corporations through a multilateral agreement comprised of: the University of Maryland, College Park, College of William & Mary, Virginia Institute for Marine Science, Smithsonian Institution, University of Arkansas, Western Michigan University, Statoil, HydroMentia, and the Blackrock Energy Corporation.

MIPS-Related Quote
“Our MIPS funding allowed the UMD researchers to develop an algae growing technique for “pre-seeding the screens” that significantly enhances the overall efficiency of our technology and now opens up pathways to remediating stormwater retention ponds, as well as open waterways .”
–-Jay Diedzic, President and CEO,  Blackrock Algae

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