Bowles Fluidics–fluidic nozzle for windshield wipers testing and development

Project Manager:  Richard W. Hess;  Principal InvestigatorJewel B. Barlow, UMD
Location:  Columbia, Maryland – Howard County;  Project Start Date:  2/1/1996

Business Description
Bowles Fluidics Corporation’s mission is to be a world-class developer and manufacturer of fluid distribution products for both automotive and non-automotive markets.

Bowles planned to maintain its dominant position in the windshield washer nozzle market by improving their fluidic washer nozzle spray performance at high vehicle speeds.

Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel researchers investigated automobile front endflow characteristics to understand the aerodynamic environment in which the washer nozzle operates. They also developed testing methods to evaluate washer nozzle spray performance at high vehicle speeds and applied those methods to evaluate various fluidic washer nozzles and their placements.

The project resulted in significantly improved nozzles, enabling Bowles to sell over one million nozzles per year and create 14 new jobs.

MIPS-Related Quotes
“Bowles Fluidics Corporation used the MIPS program to verify performance improvements achieved using our new Spray Lift nozzles…this put BFC in a leadership position as the expert on the high-speed performance of automotive windshield washer sprays.”
–Ernie Chestnutis, Special Projects Coordinator, Bowles Fluidics

“The aerodynamic effects on performance of windshield washer systems have helped us develop systems to meet our customer requirements.”
–Chi Srinath, V.P. Advanced Engineering, Bowles Fluidics

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