EcoEmergence: efficacy test for bioremediation products on fats, oil and grease in wastewater

Deep fryer with boiling oil

Business Description
EcoEmergence is a start-up company with operations in Olney, Md. The company moved its corporate headquarters from Virginia to Maryland to participate in the MIPS program. The company’s business focuses on the remediation of environmental pollutants using natural “green” products.

EcoEmergence sought to evaluate the efficacy of its bioremediation products on fats, oils and grease (FOG) in wastewater. The company planned to create an industry-standard test and further new products based on optimal bacteria mixtures for use in the bioremediation of FOG around the world. Customers include food preparation facilities, municipal sewer departments of large towns and cities, and water treatment facilities without tertiary treatment. There is currently no quantitative test for how well any competing product works.

EcoEmergence worked with Dr. Jianghong Meng from the department of nutrition and food science at UMD to develop an efficacy test using lard and commercially available bacterial mixtures to test which accomplishes the maximum bioremediation. They identified other types of bacteria and created an effective bacterial mixture that optimizes the remediation of FOG.

The MIPS project provided EcoEmergence with data to scientifically validate the efficacy of their products and competing products in this market.

Interesting Fact
EcoEmergence has roots in Ireland and has a relationship with the wastewater governing bureau in Dublin.

Project Manager:  Liam Keane;  Principal InvestigatorJianghong Meng, UMD
Location:  Olney, Maryland – Montgomery County;  Project Start Date:  8/1/2010

Leading up to (and beyond) the Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) 25th Anniversary Gala, we will frequently profile one (or more) of the 500+ companies that have utilized MIPS funding to bring innovations to market and create jobs in Maryland.

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