Emerald Sky Technologies: H-OZ , collaborative autopilot inner loop controller

Emerald Sky Technologies

Business Description
Emerald Sky Technologies (eSky) develops advanced avionics for general aviation. The company’s products are based on OZ, an integrated graphical primary flight display system, and HFCS, a collaborative flight control system.

eSky sought to merge and develop the Inner Loop Controller module of H/OZ and an accurate simulation of two aircraft: a Cessna 172 and a Cirrus SR22.

eSky proposed to merge HFCS with OZ to create an integrated flight display and control system (H/OZ). H/OZ should reduce pilot fatigue associated with the manual control of routine flight parameters (altitude, heading, airspeed, etc.) while allowing the crew to remain engaged in higher level tasks of planning and executing a flight with maximal safety and efficiency. The MIPS project supported the development of the inner loop controller (ILC) for H/OZ at UMD. The ILC accepts commands and sensor data from H/OZ and sends control inputs (bank angle, pitch attitude, power) to the aircraft to maintain selected flight parameters.

Dr. Humbert and his team collaborated with eSky to develop a formal design for the H/OZ system and specify all interprocess data flows and performance requirements.

The technology developed during the MIPS project has been applied and incorporated into new follow-on projects, while related research has continued with Dr. Humbert. A number of follow-on proposals have been submitted to DARPA and others.

Project Manager:  Steven L. Fritz;  Principal InvestigatorJames (Sean) Humbert, UMD
Location:  Columbia, Maryland – Howard County;  Project Start Date:  2/1/2010

Interesting Fact
Emerald Sky Technologies originated in the MCE Incubator (formerly the NeoTech Incubator) in Howard County.

Leading up to (and beyond) the Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) 25th Anniversary Gala, we will frequently profile one (or more) of the 500+ companies that have utilized MIPS funding to bring innovations to market and create jobs in Maryland.

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