Gliknik: recombinant IgG Fc for the treatment of autoimmunity

Gliknik 1

Business Description

Founded in 2007, Gliknik is a biopharmaceuticals company creating new therapies for patients with cancer and immune disorders. Gliknik’s expertise is in the modulation of the immune system to fight disease. The Gliknik StradomerTM program in autoimmune diseases has led to GL-2045, which is being manufactured for clinical trials. Gliknik has also in-licensed two cancer immunomodulator drugs that are in late-stage clinical trials in patients with advanced head and neck cancer and with advanced multiple myeloma. 


Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) is a human blood product pooled from tens of thousands of donors and used therapeutically in dozens of autoimmune diseases. Gliknik’s StradomersTM are recombinant mimetics of IVIG.  The company needed to identify drug candidates that could be advanced for further drug development for autoimmune diseases such as lupus and myasthenia gravis.


Gliknik made numerous novel StradomersTM and provided these to Dr. Strome, from the department of otorhinolaryngology-head and neck surgery at UMB, for biological screening. The research resulted in potential drug candidates for patients with autoimmune conditions.


Since these results, the company has raised more than $10 million in equity, largely to support this program.

MIPS-Related Quote

“I believe that Gliknik’s lead StradomerTM GL-2045 has the potential to benefit many patients. We are pleased to have played a significant role in this drug discovery program and await clinical data.”

– Dr. Scott Strome, founding scientist, Gliknik

Interesting Fact

Dr. Scott Strome, UMB faculty inventor, is the founding scientist of Gliknik.  Strome and Gliknik jointly discovered the Stradomer™ technology platform.

Project Manager:  David  S. Block;  Principal Investigator:  Scott Strome, UMB
Location:  Baltimore, Maryland – Baltimore City;  Project Start Date:  8/1/2007

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